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Shade Sails

Tension Shade Sail or commonly called Shade Sail is one of model canopies style that recently very popular used for shading function because it is very stylist, adaptable to the existing building, simple structure with artistic design, and give aesthetic add value to the building or area where the shade sail installed.

Materials, The Fabric
For this product we have two kinds of materials or fabrics with various colors that usually we use for the sails itself, which is gives the option to the customer to choose which ones is needed and appropriate function to be applied or installed at certain places or areas. There is Non-water Repellent fabric and the other one is Water Repellent fabric.

The Non-water Repellent Fabrics we call it as Shade Cloth or Shade Nets made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) combined with the Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers and color additives for durability. And superior fabric is Comtex® a heavy duty, fire rated knitted HDPE shade fabric designed for large tension membrane structures and architectural shade sails. This fabric is lead and phthalate free, recommended for larger commercial installations with unsupported spans of up to 30 meters. Both of this fabric are knitted cloth with porous that designed perfectly for outdoor fabric for shading that give maximum protection from the harmful effects of the sun UV rays and allows air circulation through the porous of the shade sails. When it installed canted in proper tension most of the water rain will shed to the perimeter with a mist as spray effect through knit, if installed flat the water will puddle in the middle of shade sails and eventually drain through the porous.

In aesthetics shade sails also as a decoration or embellish the building or nearby areas beside as a shade function, in this line Shade Cloth or Shade Nets and Comtex® provide various colors more than 12 fashion colors with each shade factor and can block between 90% – 96% of the UV rays. Available in 3.80 meter and 4.0 meter widths can make it in any shape, with extra wide fabric means will reduce unnecessary joins on the shade sails and that’s makes smooth, neat, and better looking.

Water Repellent Fabrics, for the customers who want the shade that give protection from the sun, rain or even  a wind we have the solution to use very versatile fabrics, already recognized, proved and trusted for many years in awning industries there are Sunbrella® and Dickson®. This fabric is ultimate in beauty and durability, made of acrylic fibers with pigmentation added prior to extrusion, which is very strong, UV resistant, water resistant, mold and mildew resistant, not fade or degrade of color, easy to clean and available in hundreds of styles solids, textures and strips colors to be select for your fashion.

Since this fabric is water repellent so need more extra attention to apply it as shade sail, to optimize the water dispersal dripping down need a slope at least 15 degrees and should be in proper design, small mistake or failure to fulfill this condition will trap the water in the middle of the sails when it saturated and heavy may tear or damage the fabrics and failure in installation.

Accomplishment Shade Sail
Shade sail ideally use in outdoor area as a protection from the sun and also rain. Embellish and make your property look great and get the shade function for the patio, a deck, pathway, pools, carport, and boat deck or even for outdoor public areas with wider area such as restaurant, child playgrounds, sport center and etc. To realize all of it must be carefully set from the planning, design, prepare for anchor fitting structure and precise installation.

Thorough Planning
When you are thinking about something to build or intend to cover an area with shade sail, planning is the most important, some points to be consider such as which area will be covered, where will be installed, how the shade sails attached, what about and how strong the structure for mounting points, all aspect should be well planned and also take into account the direction of the sun, as you want to protect and provide the maximum shade for your area. Thorough planning will ensure that shade sail’s structure performs in right way and the shade sail provides the benefits as your intended.

Proper Design
Now you have a plan as an idea then the next step is the design, but you don’t have to worry because we provide the sketch concept in 3D and 2D drawings design with advance *free survey, The 3D sketch concepts drawing can be viewed from several angle and also can be setting in different time and date to accurately determine where the shade will actually fall at certain time and date that will gives you image insight how will look like when it completed installed. Proper design includes adjusting the shape and size of the sail to the area that will be installed the sail, placement of mounting fitting points, strength of posts structure and certainly in terms of design architect and aesthetic that will give visually stunning and elegant impression.

Actually shade sail can be made in various forms depend on the area that will covered, generally rectangular and triangular shapes or a combination of both with overlapping system by adopting the architectural twist design that gives “hypar” effect where one fitting points higher than the others. Well…in this case required accuracy and precision in design that meets several requirements such as: shade sail can be installed with great tension (not loose or wrinkled), provide space for the flow of water to drip down and most importantly can provide the appropriate function as a shade and beautify the intended area.