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Feel sultry hot, dazzling sun passing when you are spend time with your lovely family in your patio or rain drenching spoil your substantial outdoor area?, afraid of fading your artwork, furniture or even your upholstery? You don’t have to worry, you can outsmart these condition and we can bring the solution for you. Awning is a popular choice for homeowners because it can provide protection from the sun and rain also can beautify your house so you will enjoy it and feel comfortable to stay in. Awnings also offer aesthetic and marketing value for your office and hospitalities business (hotels, villas, restaurants, and shops) as well as protection from the elements.

In Architectural terms awning is not merely a decoration, it comprised of a lightweight frame structure over which a cover is attached that include projections giving protection from the weather. They are may attached above windows, doorways, wall building or exterior space and are fully supported by the building to which they are attached and often also supported by grounded upright support posts.

We provide wide range of awnings from the classic style to the modern style, from the fixed frame awning to the retractable awning that operated manually or with the automatic motorized system, it is depend on building conditions and your budget. In producing awnings we always consider that the awning should be strong durability, easy maintained, bright-fade resistance and most importantly is fit with the space to be attached and meet your requirement. Therefore we designed and use high quality materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum (less corrosion or corrosion resistance) for the frames and polycarbonate, zincalume sheets (Spandek and Trimdek) or branded dyed-acrylic fabrics (Sunbrella®, Dickson® and etc) for cover sheets. The proper design and combination of these materials will result attractive shape, long-lasting and affordable awnings.