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Another shades product from Bali Shadesail is “Blinds” as functionality solar shades which is provide excellent shade, give protection from the negative effects of the sun. When you want to decorate your home or just create your room chic and snazzy with the blinds, make sure that we are one of your first choice, since we provide made to measure blinds that fit your window or space, these services covering measurement, fabrication and installation and also we offer custom made blinds to suit almost any need of your interior and exterior blinds. As solar shade function, blinds has ability to cut or block UV rays penetrate into your home that means protect your properties (furniture, artwork, upholstery, carpet, floors and etc) will stay vibrant longer. More advantage of stylish blinds also can reduce glare and diffuse light of the sun for softer look to your room, it is a simple way to create a cool, calm and cozy ambience. The blinds is a perfect choice for your window or any sun-facing glass room where you want to control the sun light come in.

Blinds with its wonderful shades is looks very classy, provide you with privacy and cozy ambience with cooler temperatures during your activity with family in your home. Effective, economical and easy to install to any windows or area intended without obstructing or spoil the view, practical and available in an array of different styles with beautiful assortment of materials such as; fiber or polyester mesh fabrics (Solar Screen, Suntex, Ferrari Soltis), acrylic fabrics,  drapery fabric, PVC monsoon, wooden slats, aluminum slats. You may explore your choices whether you need variety of room-darkening or light filtering, blackout blinds for private room or visible view with perforated fabric to allow air circulation, it is all about your blinds passion then we made to measure to your order.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds is the most popular blinds for window covering and complimentary exterior blinds. Consist of a roller tube at the top and single piece of materials that can be made from solar screen fabrics, solid fabrics, PVC monsoon and with a bead/ball chain on side to control roll-up and roll-down the blinds. Sometimes come with spring inside the tube to make lighter and easier in operate.  It is simple, practical and perfect for interior and exterior design for your modern minimalist house. Just select the materials and colors for your own blinds from what we are offer.



Roman Blinds
Creating an attractive, homey room in the home is no need to spend much more money, our made to measure roman blinds is a beautiful blend of decorating styles, color and textures that will give you modern touch with traditional feeling. Roman blinds made fully lined using high quality fabrics or PVC monsoon, sometimes equipped with backing bars and heavy duty system for exterior application. When it pull-up will look nicely firm folding fabrics making a definite impact for your window and enjoy the simple aesthetic lines when you close it.



Venetian Blinds
Other option for window covering is Venetian Blinds, this interior blinds is the most versatile blinds that give you a total privacy and perfect control direction diffuse light of the sun. It is a small slim aluminum slats (available in 16mm and 25mm) are arranged overlap horizontally connected and suspended by string tapes that can be rotated to allow light to pass between the slats, operated with cord and wand with tilter, just slight tilt the wand, you can filter the suns glare and control the way of the light comes, pulled up and loose the cord to open and close the blinds. Available in various colors; plain color with matt and gloss finish, textured, perforated and wood motif, select your color and motif to match your interior design.



Vertical Blinds
If your home or in office has a width and height window space and wish to covered we suggest a practical solution to use Vertical Blinds, unlike horizontal blinds (Venetian and Wood blinds) that using slats aluminum and wood as materials, vertical blinds using more flexible material such as mesh or perforated fabrics, solid fabrics that usually made from polyester, fiber or PVC. Other advantages of this blinds are very easy, faster and lighter in operating due to equipped with slide track to hung the blinds, they are drawn to the side, and sliding from side to side rather than lifting and lowering. Also likely less collects or traps the dust since they stand vertically that mean very easy maintenance. With a flexible dual mechanic light filtering system (turning and horizontal motion) and the ability of the slats to close tightly, vertical blinds is awesome on controlling how much natural or exterior light comes into the room that make it very popular choice in interior design.

Wooden Blinds
Need a shade and protection from the UV rays but still keeps natural look and warm feeling in your room? Wooden Blinds is an excellent choice, with natural look and various stained or color painted you can match with your home furniture. Besides adding warmth effect and elegance to your room also provide extremely versatile and allow excellent light control as well as complete privacy since using the same operating system with venetian blinds. Wooden blinds will look more distinctive when it made with wide slats and finished with ladder or string tapes. Available in three different slats width; 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, we will bring and show you the sample so you can see the actual slats that suit and comfort of your home.



Custom-Made Blinds
All above blinds products are made to measure blinds that fit your existing window to provide a shade and better atmosphere for your home. But sometimes we facing a different condition with personal requirement for blinds, such as some clients request the combination of modern materials and using conventional operated blinds with pulley system but should looks elegance. Some clients like to put together different materials (PVC combine with solar screen, solid fabrics with PVC, and etc) in one blinds, or they want to install the blinds just as divider between the rooms, or just function the blinds as partition for privacy. So to fulfill those request and ensure a perfect fit for your blinds requirement we provides custom made blinds in a range of styles, materials, colors and configurations to enhance your living environment.



Smart Appearance and Installation
Whatever your choices, whether you are looking for the modern one, contemporary, conventional or even classic blinds, as mention above we offer wide range of styles, materials, colors.

  • Solar screen, Suntex and Serge Ferarri Soltis are a ventilate mesh fabrics with soften shades, which is filtering and reducing sun glare, it is looks elegance, a semi-transparent blinds that allow you to enjoy your view while providing your daytime privacy, so might applied at outdoor as an exterior blinds or sometimes used for wind blocker that reduce wind speed entering your area and change it into soft breeze, due to the fabrics still allowing the wind flow.
  • PVC Monsoon (clear or tinted PVC) with transparent view provides protection from rain and wind with a bit shades, it is very popular for living room, restaurant with open area, so you can enjoy the view while enjoy your precious time.
  • Solid fabrics made from acrylic, combination of vinyl and polyester, or using drapery fabrics. These are splendid blackout blinds selection for who has light sensitivity issues or you want to block most of bright light entering your room. Provide ideal blocking UV protection factor and offer more privacy and darkening ambience for your bedrooms. This also good for media rooms in your office that demanding specific light control.
  • Aluminum slats and wood slats are superior UV block that protect your family and furniture from damaging negative effects of the sun, it is a perfect choice for bathroom, kitchen and bedroom or living room that is overlooked. Very versatile and durability that offer richness and warmth ambience to your homes that allow light to come in while still retaining your privacy.

Commonly blinds comes with each style and systems such as bead/ball chain, one touch with spring assist, rope pulley, cord, tilter wand and hand crank, all of these are a manual systems. Then if you wish just a sit back and relaxing on your lazy lounge, but you would like to create ideal shading ambience, just touch the remote control of motorized system and you can stop the blinds at any position you want.

One important thing to note that when you are use or apply the blinds as exterior or outdoor blinds, you should choose a heavy duty gear and hardware as well (bigger tube, strong brackets, heavy bottom bar, and etc), durable materials, and use fabrics that compatible to all weather.

Blinds can be installed inside window frame or fixed outside the window frame on the wall. Blinds is easy to installed but it should be right and proper with carefully, sometimes many things can go wrong that cause fail in installation, just let our experienced installer doing for your order blinds, and we will keep informing you how to operate and maintain the blinds during the installation process. With our special offer and complete services, so you can be confident that you are getting affordable blinds with the best deal ever.