Bali Shade Sail

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Fabric Color Chart

Bali Shadesail use Shade Cloth, Shade Nets and Comtex® as fabric material, this non-water repellent fabrics is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) combined with the Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers and color additives for durability. The fabrics are knitted cloth with porous that designed perfectly for outdoor fabric for shading that give maximum protection from the harmful effects of the sun UV rays and allows air circulation through the porous of the shade sails. When it installed canted in proper tension most of the water rain will shed to the perimeter with a mist as spray effect through knit, if installed flat the water will puddle in the middle of shade sails and eventually drain through the porous.

In aesthetics shade sails also as a decoration or embellish the building or nearby areas beside as a shade function, These fabrics provide various colors more than 12 fashion colors with each shade factor and can block between 90% – 96% of the UV rays. Available in 3.80 meter and 4.0 meter widths can make it in any shape, with extra wide fabric means will reduce unnecessary joins on the shade sails and that’s makes smooth, neat, and better appearance.

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